We are Soular System


Long Beach, CA

Anthony Lynn // Vocals

Tom Kendall // Production

Our music reflects our life experience with the guiding theme of reverence to nature and the cosmos.

To bring our spacey sound to life on stage, we arrange music to be played by various combinations of the friends and musicians we grew up with. Our live performance ranges from just the two of us, to an 11 piece ensemble consisting of electric harp, flute, electric violin, percussion, guitar, keys, synth, bass, and back up vocals. The ever-changing ensemble keeps the music flowing organically in response to stage space and the vibe of the venue.

With our constantly shifting sound and inspiration, we hope to remind ourselves and our audience of a human being's place in the universe. We are all experiencing this weird thing called life, together.


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by Soular System

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Thank you to every person who contributed talent and time on this record. We love you all. 

Artwork by Michael K. Black

IG: @ottomadethis

Production/Lyrics - Tom Kendall
Vocals/Lyrics - Anthony Lynn
Mix/Mastering - zeroh

Featured Musicians:
Gracie Sprout - Harp
John Conti - Guitar
Bryan Baker - Flute
Vocals - MiloBloom
"Division" Vox - zeroh

"Sword Swipe" Vox - Dre'es
Solo Violin/Viola - Trevor Torres
Violin 1 - Joe Sanders
Violin 2 - Angela Borlasa
Cello - EMAEL

Summer Solstice Album Cover (Final).jpg

Summer Solstice

by Soular System

Our first EP released 06.21.16